Successful history of purchasing and operating car washes

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Recognizing that fuel sales and car washes go hand in hand, we offer our knowledge and years of expertise in car wash decision making at no cost to current and potential fuel supply customers.

Harbour has negotiated numerous purchase and maintenance contracts with major suppliers of car wash equipment and services. Our relationships and experience with multiple car wash companies means that we can provide valuable contributions to your car wash decision making process.

General reasons to provide a car wash at your site

  • A carwash can add to a site’s overall performance by creating gross profit dollars
  • Car Washes help further the reputation of C-Stores as one stop shopping locations
  • Because of the added gross profit created by a car wash, they can effectively increase the value of the “key” to your operations

The basics

The different car wash companies provide various options such as: cloth vs. touchfree, different soaps and fragrances, and many other alternatives to differentiate you from other washes in your area. If need be, car wash suppliers can make useful recommendations for you in designing the layout of your property.

For more information or general questions regarding carwashes call Jeb Bennett at (321) 724-0641 or email him at